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Daily News – July 17, 2024

Story 1 – Child and youth advocate in BC calls for radical changes to the child welfare system, after inquiry into torture and murder of boy. Story 2 –...

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Episode 287 – There’s no place for violence in politics except state violence

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about the Liberal talking point that has been the rallying cry after the assassination attempt on trump. Plus, they ask: what is...

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Daily News – July 16, 2024

Story 1 – Video released that shows that police negligence caused the death of John Ettawakapow.   Story 2 – Encampment dismantled by activists at the University of Manitoba...

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Daily News – July 15, 2024

Story 1 – Justice for Migrant Workers calls for protections for migrant workers against extreme heat.   Story 2 – Capacity in women’s jails in Saskatchewan, where 90% of...

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Daily news – July 12, 2024

Story 1 – Fantasia Film Festival workers are on strike, hoping that negotiations can advance to avert a strike when the festival opens next week.   Story 2 –...

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Daily News – July 11, 2024

Story 1 – MUN students set up new encampment days after being arrested; McGill hires cops and mercenaries to clear its encampment, big win at the University of Windsor...

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