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Episode 69 – It’s time to talk about the Greens

The Green Party, what is it good for? Sandy and Nora ask this question in earnest and conclude that it might be time for Canada’s partisan left to get...

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Episode 68 – will social media be the end of democracy?

July is the perfect month to take some time and reflect on how deeply we all truly are screwed, thanks to the overwhelming power that social media plays in...

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Episode 67 – Canada’s genocide denial complex

Indigenous Peoples’ Month in Canada comes to an abrupt end with Canada Day on July 1 – who are the agents working hard to erase Canada’s genocidal history and...

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Episode 66 – arresting the left, protecting the right: the problem with police

There has been a recent burst of street violence perpetuated by the same individuals, looking to fight with social activists. The response from the police – indifference and violence...

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Episode 65 – why does the left ignore pop culture’s lessons?

The Toronto Raptors became Canada’s team, and the fervor and culture around the team tells us a lot about ourselves. Sandy and Nora talk about pop culture – sport,...

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Episode 64 – we gotta fight for our rights to abooooortion

(This episode’s title was not approved by Sandy) This episode is a difficult one. Nora and Sandy talk about the struggle for access to abortion, how the struggle differs...

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