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Daily News – May 15, 2024

Story 1 – Owner of MTL Gaming Centre (who is for some reason not named), seen dumping water on a sleeping man to try and get him to move....

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Episode 280 – Student encampments are built to win

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about the measures in place at many encampments which demonstrate how sophistocated and well organized they are — something that is critical...

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Daily News – May 14, 2024

Story 1 – The CSN manages to unionize Amazon in Laval, a first in Canada and only a second in North America.   Story 2 – Encampments are budding...

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Daily News – May 13, 2024

Story 1 – Wildfire season has started and evacuation orders are already in place.   Story 2 – Pro-Palestinian encampments have been violently dismantled in Alberta.   Story 3...

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Daily News – May 10, 2024

Story 1 – Family refuses to pay fine levied on them for refusing to allow their mother to a horrifying long-term care facility.   Story 2 – Teachers in...

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Daily News – May 9, 2024

Story 1 – Ghislain Picard reminds François Legault that Indigenous people are not an afterthought in Quebec history.   Story 2 – CIJA broke lobbying rules in January but...

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