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Daily News – Sept. 19, 2023

Story 1 – Strike deadline passes by, Unifor members are in legal strike position with Ford Motor Company. Story 2 – Sex workers’ rights organizations decry Superior Cour decision...

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Daily News – Sept. 18, 2023

Story 1 – Devestating cuts announced at Metroland Media Group — 605 workers will be laid off, accounting for 60% of the company’s workforce. Story 2 – Wildfires force...

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Daily News – Sept. 15, 2023

Story 1 – Massive fire at industrial recyling facility in Saint John forces people to shelter in place because of concerns of air quality. Story 2 – Man’s 8-year...

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Daily News – Sept. 14, 2023

Story 1 – Abortion access in rural Newfoundland difficult, as featured in this Radio-Canada deep dive. Story 2 – About 100,000 workers were shortchanged what they were owed from...

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Daily News – Sept. 13, 2023

Story 1 – Life expectancy in Saskatchewan has dropped by 2 years since 2019. Data does not tease out First Nations from non-First Nations people. Story 2 – It...

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Episode 248 – The war in schools

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about the million different regressive things happening in elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools and remind listeners that this is what happens when...

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