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Daily News – Dec. 1, 2023

Story 1 – A GuinĂ©an international student has been shot and killed by police in the Saguenay. Story 2 – Video shows a very different story of what happened...

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Daily News – Nov. 30, 2023

Story 1 – Hotel in Barrie that has been used as a temporary shelter is evicting people at the end of this week. Story 2 – There has been...

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Daily News – Nov. 29, 2023

Story 1 – Federal housing watchdog says that the state of housing in Canada’s north is a breach of human rights. Story 2 – Canada to donate more ammunition,...

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Episode 259 – Sandy and Nora Live in Winnipeg

In this episode Sandy and Nora talk about the increasing repression that left-wing activists are facing, and what will happen when Pierre Poilievre inevitably becomes PM.

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Daily News – Nov. 28, 2023

Story 1 – Mass shooting that killed 4 people in Winnipeg killed two sisters. Story 2 – CST Coal wants to deepen two of its mines despite the fact...

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Daily News – Nov. 27, 2023

Story 1 – Cops put out very little information, but enough to cancel the Santa Claus Parade just 30 minutes before it started. Story 2 – Five people died...

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