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Daily News – Sept. 26, 2023

Story 1 – Crown decides there was no reasonable prospect for conviction of Con Drain Group in death of six people — a company owned by the politically-connected and...

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Daily News – Sept. 25, 2023

Story 1 – With insurance companies refusing to insure certain kinds of water damage, the federal government looks to underwrite water damage. Story 2 – Emerald Lake in Yoho...

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Daily News – Sept. 22, 2023

Story 1 – Three women who fraudently claimed Inuit status to get scolarships, awards and other benefits have been charged with fraud over $5000. Story 2 – Woman is...

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Daily News – Sept. 21, 2023

Story 1 – Bigots vandalize three CUPE educational worker offices in London, Ontario just before the national day of protest against gender being taught in schools. Story 2 –...

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Daily News – Sept. 20, 2023

Story 1 – Durham police tased a girl in her school. Story 2 – A worker died in Calgary in an incident inovolving a marble slab. Story 3 –...

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Episode 249 – The politics of doing nothing feat. Canada

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about federal politics, who is in bigger trouble and why is the only thing that the Liberals to do to help housing...

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