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Daily News – May 24

Story 1 – Canadian government has been declaring people who are not dead, dead. Story 2 – Calls for sodium nitrate to be restricted grow as more suicides emerge...

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Daily News – May 23, 2023

Story 1: Teens give money to coworker who can’t afford maternity leave; journalist forgets to actually interview anyone with the power to give worker the maternity leave. Story 2:...

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Daily News – May 22

Story 1 – Some Canadians are having their tax returns withheld because of CERB overpayments. Except they’ve already repaid. Story 2 – Wildfires continue to burn across Alberta and...

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Daily News – May 19

Story 1 – Hamilton Police cannot say what their armoured vehicle is being used for, unless CBC coughs up $5000 Story 2 – Commission report finds that Baby Tanner...

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Daily News – May 18

Story 1 – Very low number of people who have been hired through a new pilot program to fill healthcare jobs with refugees have actually been able to come...

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Daily News – May 17

Story 1 – Dead birds found near tar sands tailings ponds. If it isn’t the wildfire, it’ll be the toxic sludge that gets ya, birds. Story 2 – Third...

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