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Daily News – Feb. 20, 2024

Story 1 – Renters in Canada are more likely to experience loneliness and financial difficulties. Related: up to 30% of Canada’s rental stock is owned by investment firms. Story...

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Daily News – Feb. 19, 2024

Story 1 – 16 year-old violently arrested, held for 13 hours in police detachment, in NWT Story 2 – Homeless man lives on $175 per month, highlighting how completely...

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Daily News – Feb. 16, 2024

Story 1 – Two teens intentionally run down by man in Abbotsford. Story 2 – TSB recommends that regulations mandate that helicopters have technology to help guide pilots in...

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Daily News – Feb. 15, 2024

Story 1 – Cop hockey coach charged with assaulting and threatning a 12-year old on opposing team. Story 2 – January was a month of record average rents across...

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Daily News – Feb. 14, 2024

Story 1 -Rogers Sugar strike is over and The Tyee introduces us to the Dude of Dudes, a Canada goose. Story 2 – Quebec fast-tracks training for new home-based...

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Episode 268 – Is it worth saving Canadian media?

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about the cuts to Bell Media, the future of Canadian journalism and how Israel’s assault on Gaza has laid bare the lack...

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