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Daily News – July 10, 2024

Story 1 – After 5 years, a $2m corruption and harassment probe into the Durham Police has turned up … nothing. Not that there is no problem, it hasn’t...

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Episode 286 – Is disenfranchisement fueling the rise of fascism in the West?

In this episode, Sandy and Nora look at the current state of politics, in light of recent elections in the UK and France. Plus, the Lancet warns that deaths...

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Daily News – July 9, 2024

Story 1 – Record deaths from toxic drugs in New Brunswick in 2023.   Story 2 – Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg is planning to pay for AI-power weapons...

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Daily News – July 8, 2024

Story 1 – ILWU Local 514 set to strike, but the employer is set to lock them out.   Story 2 – New report details horrors of residential school...

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Daily News – July 5, 2024

Story 1 – 150 anomalies have been found at the site of the former residential school at Pimicikmamak. Story 2 – Strike at the LCBO for the first time...

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Daily News – July 4, 2024

Story 1 – Brian Nadler’s first degree murder charges tossed out on Day 1 of his trial.   Story 2 – The John Howard Society of PEI warns that...

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