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Daily News – Sept. 12, 2023

Story 1 – Wondering where to do your driving test in Ontario? Head to a rural testing centre, where the odds of passing rise to 88% Story 2 –...

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Daily news – Sept. 11, 2023

Story 1 – The town of Conception Harbour cannot afford garbage collection or city lighting as it seeks hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes from … well, they...

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Daily News – Sept. 7, 2023

Story 1 – Looking for cheap bread in Nova Scotia? If Dollarama is close to Sobeys, you wont find it there. Story 2 – Man dies in police custody...

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Daily News – Sept. 6, 2023

Story 1 – Alberta Human Rights tribunal has found that two Black men were discriminated against by Edmonton police but, as the police officers were ignorant to their ignorance,...

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Daily News – Sept. 5, 2023

Story 1 – Jury selection starts today in the trial of Nathaniel Veltman for the murder of the Afzaal family. It will be the first time terror charges are...

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Daily News – Sept. 4, 2023

Story 1 – More evacuations in British Columbia due to wildfires. Story 2 – Is Robert Miller Canada’s Jeffrey Epstein? Montreal billionaire has been accused of setting up underage...

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