Month: February 2023

Episode 230 – China and the new (old) Red Scare

In this episode, Sandy and Nora dissect the allegations made about Chinese interference in Canadian elections, and talk about the fallout that Chinese Canadians and visitors will experience. Plus, they discuss crime reporting and how inadequate it is when it’s hived off from other stories from other jurisdictions.

Episode 229 – Baby, you can call me AI

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about AI — what we should be excited by and what we should absolutely not at all be excited by.


Image is AI generated from:

Episode 228 – A week of politics!

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about the boring to the exciting: from healthcare transfer payments to the US gleefully shooting missiles into the sky to kill aliens.

Consider donating to these charities to help folks in Turkey and Syria:

UNHCR Canada

List of groups from Canada Helps

Daily News – Feb. 14, 2023

Story 1: Story 1 – Imperial Oil submits plan to clean up the largest oil spill in Alberta’s history (the largest oil spill in Alberta’s history … yet!)

Story 2 – Airdrie RCMP shoot and critically injure woman in mental distress

Story 3 – Horrifying details in a Feb 3 decision from an Ontario judge about sadistic abuse in minor hockey

Story 4 @thenarwhalca sues RCMP over arrest of @photobracken

Daily News – Feb 13

Story 1: What was the Friday shelter-in-place order in eastern Ontario about, and how come five journalists could not get the OPP to spill?

Story 2: Anglo Montrealers plead to businessmen who do not *at all* care that the Montreal Gazette is important to English speakers, asks for help from Trudeau rather than looking to buy the newspaper (ok this is me editorializing)

Story 3: Canada’s army will fast track the purchase of new military equpment, no procurement, for ongoing operation in Eastern Europe

Story 4: Turkey goes after building developers as the death toll from last week’s earthquakes rises above 33,000

Episode 227 – Liberals love to coopt everything

In this episode, Sandy and Nora discuss the habit of the Trudeau Liberals to coopt and defang activist movements and important days of commemoration to bolster their brand.

Here is the article on policing mentioned in the episode.