Month: September 2018

Episode 33 – Changing of the guard in Quebec

On Oct. 1, Quebecers go to the polls. They’re likely to boot out the Liberals and replace them with — something. Probably the CAQ. But the surge in support for the left-wing Qu├ębec solidaire is important. Sandy and Nora talk about the election, the politics and why Canadians need to pay close attention to QS. This episode was recorded despite a record-number of technical issues. Thanks for understanding that the sound changes a little throughout. And that’s it’s Nora-heavy.

Episode 32 – Doug Ford attacks free speech on campus

At the end of August, the Ford government issued a directive to Ontario colleges and universities that threatened sanctions if institutions didn’t pass free speech policies that were favourable to his government. Sandy and Nora break down the policy and ask: how and who are resisting this attack on institutional autonomy?



Episode 31 – Constitutional crisising in Toronto

Sandy and Nora are back! They took some time off so that things could get really, really bad so that their debut episode for the 2018-19 season could be full of gasping, laughter and doom. In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about the electoral crisis that Doug Ford’s PC government has plunged Toronto into, Section 33 of the constitution and how the broad left should be fighting back.