In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about all the ways in which Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberals have avoided the easiest way to help all Canadians and instead, chosen programs that are more bureaucratic, cumbersome and that will leave so many people behind.

Note: since this was recorded on Sunday, April 5, the Liberals have announced that they intend to expand the CERB, with more details coming later on.

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2 comments on Episode 95 – Trudeau’s coronavirus schemes

  1. I think at this time in Canadian history big changes could take place for many Canadians if the Canadian government under Justine Trudeau where to register CERB payments that where paid back in full and actually presenting an accurate public record of those who paid back CERB .

    The Canadian Goverment should publicly detail the date of receipt by adding this information into credit bureaus for those that might have paid in full.

    CERB was issued on a Trust basis it was open to every Canadian who believed he or she was entitled or in need ..Basically it was at first convoluted and ideologically driven but it was available for all Canadians. Some of the amounts that where extended where quite high at first close to $14,000 dollars it is for this reason Justine Trudeau should instruct his finance minister to immediately make public those that received regardless of how? Who paid .And this would be done by reporting the time it took to pay back once received?

    I really think because the CERB checks where basically a verbal promissory note they should appear as paid back in full with the Credit Bureaus such as Equifax . I think they should report for a few different reasons and one intails the idea or premise of a China and their social credit system. It would be a good political move to add those that would like it to appear. As it is a reference to their good character!

    It is difficult for many to apply the discipline that was needed to send it back …But many did and the amount borrowed should reflect as a line of credit that was paid in full? As it is my opinion those that paid who where in fact not billionaires but many of Canada‚Äôs hard hit during covid 19 lock downs deserve to be recognised for paying revenue Canada back and it should reflect the real credit worthyness by showing to all creditors in a Equifax consumer discloser .

    1. Edward H C Graydon
      February 9, 2021 at 9:41 am
      To argue the meaning of what constitutes a sales job is semantics! As in my own personal observation how Justine Trudeau sold the original CERB relieve checks seemed deceitful with the intent to deceive those that might have been in need of financial assistance. The CERB program seemed to be created originally to gain the attention of those that needed it regardless of whether that person was working or not! Trudeau in my opinion knowingly oversold the program in a knowingly confusing way with that intent in mind. I think Trudeau lacked altruism when he implemented the program and cared little about those effected and or displaced by the lock downs.
      When Loblaws originally agreed to pay danger pay to there employees who might come into contact with the corona virus only to end the program extremely early in the pandemic it seemed indicative of a public relations move at the time and not one out of concern for the working poor who found themselves laid off because of the actions of the Trudeau government.
      It is now February 9 2021 and in hind sight and taking into account everything that has transpired I think Justine Trudeau should be ashamed by how he has handled those who have been affected .
      He could have claimed his actions where pure and just if those that needed the money originally where given the funds without any stipulation other than they where effected disportionitly by the sole actions of the Trudeau government.
      I think the virus was a exscuse to impose restrictions on Canadians that might other wise have been unavailable!
      The actions from day one by the current Liberal government are abhorrent and pathetic to say the least.

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