Month: March 2023

Episode 233 – The police sphincter of information

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about how police turn on and turn off the information tap however they want, leaving communities in the dark on what’s going on. They look at the Edmonton police shooting and how police downplayed certain aspects to ensure that coverage was exactly how they wanted it to be.

Episode 232 – Singh vs. Weston, Cooper vs. Joly

In this episode, Sandy and Nora deconstruct Jagmeet Singh’s stunt with Galen Weston plus we ask: is it sexist to mock a Liberal?

Episode 231 – Building capacity and being OK with failure

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about how difficult it can be to start something from scratch, especially when large, institutional NGO decide to throw money at people who have never experienced the pressures of creating something from scratch with lots of money. Plus, they talk about layoffs at Global News and a self-driving car.