Episode 161 – All the issues they will miss in #Elxn44

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about the important issues that the current federal election should cover, but near certainly will not.


Episode Transcript here.

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3 comments on Episode 161 – All the issues they will miss in #Elxn44

  1. Sandy Hudson

    I like to listen to you talk ,and on a physical side I think you are really very attractive! This being said,I would like to reference the CTV interview that you did. It is obvious that you hold some contempt for Justine Trudeau, or maybe that is just assumption on my part?

    But! In my own personal opinion given your position in the world concerning to Black Lives Matter and those that are influenced by your action’s and your political ideology ! I would recommend you openly ask your followers on Twitter and FaceBook to vote for the conservatives . Any other time in history, I would have considered the Green Party as a way wasting my vote by showing support for their concerns, but this year Canada cannot survive in any real way, that will show ultruism for the greater part of society if Justine Trudeau is re-elected ,so I will vote conservative .

    I believe Justine Trudeau will destroy Canada beyond anything imaginable …And because of this I urge you to vote conservative .

    All the best !

    PS! I despise Trudeau .

    1. Youri says:

      I don’t like Justin Trudeau and I hate the Liberal Party but why on Earth would anyone concerned about the unjust system of Crapitalism, police reform/or abolition, the apartheid Indigenous people live under, imperialism, the climate crisis, pharmacare and so fourth vote the Conservative PArty which is an outwardly rival oligarch/imperialist/racist party? I know the problem with the NDP and Greens often is they are Diet Liberals but surely The Conversatives? hell no. vote Communist or if you lean right Libertarian.

    2. Previously posted to Rebel News !

      Edward H C Graydon
      Personally I am not a fan of tabloid news ? News sites that hunt down LGBQ members while trying to gain income from exsposing LGBQ members of Canadian society by way of ambush reporting.

      I dont like it ! I also dont like a priminister of Canada threatning jail for hate crimes while actually going black face. I believe Trudeau should be the first charged for causing angst and upset for those that happen to be black in Canada who when witnessing Justin Trudeau in Black face felt assaulted ,insulted and betrayed by his rhetoric that he supports Black lives matter.

      I am friends and a contributer at times to the podcast run by Sandy Hudson of the Sandy and Nora podcast who happens to be a founding member of black lives matter in Toronto and it is my understandy Sandy Hudson feels Justin Trudeau is part of the problem and not the solution as what kind of politician would go black face while threaning jail and punishment for doing just that .

      Justin Trudeau should be the first one charged under bill C 63 for past acts that are retroactive. He is the problem and really the first one that should be taken before the human rights tribunal.

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