Year: 2024

Episode 280 – Student encampments are built to win

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about the measures in place at many encampments which demonstrate how sophistocated and well organized they are — something that is critical as they will continue to experience attack. Plus, Canada wants to scan your face to watch Internet porn.

Episode 279 – Supporting student encampments

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about the student encampments — why they matter and how you can support them. Plus, they talk about a police chase that killed a baby and its grandparents, and a man they accused of attempting to rob a liquor store.

Episote 278 – Why does the BCNDP even exist?

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk abou the BCNDP’s about-face on drug decriminalisation. Plus, campus activism and showing Gaza support from the local campus lawn.

Episode 277 – Sandy and Nora Live in Edmonton

This episode was recorded live on April 20, 2024 at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton.

Episode 276 – Sleepwalking towards WW3?

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about Israel’s promise to wage revenge on Iran and how Canadian politicians are (or are not) trying to de-escalate.

Episode 275 – The Party of Hacks

Why does it seem like the Liberals cannot get it together and govern? Sandy and Nora talk about how the Liberals operate — Remember kids, talk – action = 0.

Episode 274 – Smoke and mirrors and Pierre Poilievre

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about Pierre Polievre’s strategy of *looking* like he’s fighting for average people and why even just looking like you care goes a long way to convince people that you do care.

Bonus episode – Deconstructing the NDP-Liberal motion on Palestine

Sandy and Nora analyze the opposition motion from the NDP to get Canada to do the bare minimum for Gaza.

Episode 273 – The Liberals walk a tightrope of shit

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about the Liberals’ game of playing both sides is going to fail, and how we lose when there is no public option to create new media.


Episode 272 – Policing each other online

In this episode, Sandy and Nora take a critical look at trying to police what others say online. Plus, the US State of the Union and is Kate Middleton OK? (we don’t actually care).

Episode 271 – Are we even allowed to protest any more?

In this episode, Sandy and Nora look at the latest attempt by politicians to shut down peaceful protest in Canada, by smearing a rally held to denounce an Italian, Christian fascist as being antisemitic. Plus, a Zionist with a nail gun, a Pharmacare plan to make a plan and Brian Mulroney, did he really save South Africa?

Episode 270 – Two years of war in Ukraine, and for what?

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about what has happened over two years of war in Ukraine and how the anti-war position remains the only one that will end the slaughter. Plus, pharmacare and shoddy reporting at the New York Times.

Episode 269 – Spoiler Alert! Pharmacare?

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about the NDP’s gamble with pharmacare. Will it happen? Will it not happen? We have to wait till March 1!! Plus, they recap the latest in Gaza.

Episode 268 – Is it worth saving Canadian media?

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about the cuts to Bell Media, the future of Canadian journalism and how Israel’s assault on Gaza has laid bare the lack of capacity that media has to deal with the biggest issues in the world right now.

Episode 267 – Can politics chill out for a second please?

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about international students and how the story is being told is full of mostly racist mistruths, Selina Robinson in BC gets a faculty member fired and is now demoted herself, Israel continues to pound Gaza and Brandi Morin is being surveilled by a tech firm that has contracts with the Alberta government.

**This was recorded on Sunday night before Robinson lost her cabinet seat

Episode 266 – Canada picks the geno-side

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about Canada’s reaction to the ICJ decision and how we’ve decided to keep backing Israel. Plus Canada is the world’s most popular MAID destination.


Photo taken from The Canadian Press’ Justin Tang

Episode 265 – Reproductive health? What’s that?

In this episode, Sandy goes on a rant about what is popularly called “women’s health” — and all the gaps and missing pieces that come with it. Plus, more than 25,000 Gazans have been killed by Israel’s military.