In this episode Sandy and Nora celebrate 100 by going back to a debate that has surfaced in the past few weeks: universal basic income. They argue that a UBI, in absence of a strong social support system, would be a mistake.

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5 comments on Episode 100 – Universal income? Basic.

  1. Nina white says:

    I believe universal income is the only way to eliminate poverty if we want a healthy and prosperous country for all our people not just for those that can afford the right nutrition and shelter. Levels of participation in our society prevent children and young adults from becoming who they want to be and who we would like to see them be as we move forward in our new normal.

    1. Rachael says:

      Hi Nina,

      Did you listen to the podcast though?

  2. Graeme says:

    Strong social programs would be wonderful, but they don’t solve all the issues that a UBI could. Many of these discussions seem to come from the point of view of people who work regular jobs. Small business owners, and gig workers are in a whole different situation. Getting a new business off the ground while having to work 3 other jobs in somewhere like Toronto is next to impossible if you don’t have some angel investor giving you thousands of dollars.

    With a UBI of even just $1000/mth a new business owner could focus their attention on properly running the business and getting it off the ground instead of working a part time job to make your basic needs (rent, food, phone) and splitting attention making everything weaker.

    Unfortunately human greed will also play a factor, landlords will raise rents, transit will rise, etc. But perhaps then in conjunction there needs to be a cap or limit on how much these things can rise.

    1. Liv says:

      Hi Graeme,

      Did you listen to the podcast though?

  3. Edward HC Graydon

    33 minutes ago
    Today is January 9 2022 and this morning I went for coffee at the local Tim Hortons that is open 24 hours ,I left my place at roughly 5.30 and after paying at the drive threw I pulled forward and was approached by a person who happened to be female who asked me for a ride to where she was going ! Her neck and back “right off the bat” seemed misaligned . She seemed in very ,very rough shape and I was not crazy about giving this person a ride but I did and on the way to where she was going she told me she had just been released from the hospital after having neck and spinal surgery and that she had a hundred stitches and metal clamps in her neck and spine . “She was in horrible condition” She said she was mentally and physically exhausted ,and rightfully so!
    I gave her a ride and again if you are able to sleep at night at night without having to walk the streets at night you should consider yourself lucky.

    The homeless situation in Canada is out of control and the pain and suffering felt by many seems apocalyptic .

    She called me an angle for giving her a ride, while I professed I was the farthest thing from it .

    People are hurting regardless of where on the planet and it seems as though politicians are blind, ignorant and dumb .

    Basic income might be a start, but a better approach might be to change the capitalist society in which we live for the betterment of the planet as a whole.

    I see the need for change and understand how some believe universal income might be the answer ,but personally I think it goes deeper than that.

    We as a collective whole have a very serious issue on our hands!

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