Episode 105 – if white is a verb, Canadian media keeps whiting

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk  about Canadian media, and how white supremacy is embedded throughout, making life hell for racialized journalists and diminishing the quality and accuracy of the news.

Click here for the unedited transcript.

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5 comments on Episode 105 – if white is a verb, Canadian media keeps whiting

  1. Thanks for this. As a white j-school survivor, eons ago, I didn’t pay attention to the capitalist/colonialist filter through which our training was strained at Carleton. But listening, watching, reading Canadian ‘reporting’ decades later, quelle surprise … indeed ‘how white supremacy is embedded throughout’ . A useful follow-up to your debate might be what’s going on at Carleton where graduate and current students are pushing for fundamental change.


  2. Wow ,I mean really, wow. First I like honest politicians I don’t want to hear denials that I know are false. I don’t like public denunciations of people who hold your views. Max Bernier lied when he stated he did not know Paul Froome after a photo of them appeared together . Paul Froome helped write his immigration policy and Max denied publicly that he knows him.”It was and is a trump like move”! In fact Max Bernier rode on the Trump bandwagon by pushing an anti immigration policy that seemed much more American than Canadian.I don’t like Max Bernier’s speech,I think his French to English is horrible . I don’t think he is a good public speaker {that is relative} and I find him hard to listen too,I think he is a plagiariser of other peoples ideas and runs with the politics of the moment.

    Max gives the white race a bad name.He is see through.

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