In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about how the idea of reasonableness is weaponized against radical, leftwing ideas. We need to resist this and expose how the radical ways in which to transform society are actually the reasonable option.

In this episode, Sandy accidentally said Bernie when she meant Biden. See if you can find where!


Transcript available here (unedited):

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3 comments on Episode 114 – being radical is reasonable

  1. Vaudree Lavallee says:

    Yeah, I remember Glenn Murray as Mayor – there was a political cartoon at the time where his younger self gave his older self shit – he sold out a long time ago. He is definitely an eco-capitalist and for tax cuts for the wealthy over social programs and has been that way for a very long time. I also remember his opponent Peter Kauffman who wanted to close food banks because he felt that they were unfair competition for his chain of grocery stores – and have fond memories of passing by his election headquarters. There was a big Glenn Murray bill board behind it, a sign asking for blood donations beside it, and someone kept changing his sign to erection headquarters.

    Agree, being reasonable sucks – and I can’t count the number of times I’ve been accused of being unreasonable or inconsiderate. And I do get sick of the daily dizzy spells, and my head feeling too heavy for my head and the stroke-like symptoms and having to wait until I perk up enough to be able to read an article that I am really interested in reading – and some days that doesn’t happen. It sucks. I only have a few sensitivities – just to air fresheners, so-called disinfectants, and certain personal care products – the unnecessary stuff that everyone seems to feel is necessary. Covid can kill you, so people panic and they bring out the hand sanitizer and they use more of the bad stuff – and people are making a lot of money selling them that stuff.

    Convincing people to abolish the police is easy compared to convincing them to get rid of the bad stuff. Before Xmas my leg buckled (it does that once in a while) and I hit my head the door handles on the cupboard underneath the sink. My dad always told us not to lie down if you hit your head because that would be dangerous so I waited the full 4 hours before lying down for safety reasons – and, unlike every other time I bumped my head, that was a very rough 4 hours. I didn’t want to go to emergency because I already felt bad enough and didn’t want to get sicker because of the strong so-called disinfectants they use in hospitals. For the first couple of weeks after it happened, had trouble following simple youtube videos. Even now, months later, it doesn’t take as much as before when I start to get dizzy for my head to start feeling too heavy for my neck and I have to lie down to take the weight off it. It is partially my fault because I put a wet cloth on my head to catch the blood from the small scratch so that, when it stopped bleeding it would be easier to comb my hair – and that was probably too much weight.

    The point is that it is easier to fight when you are alert than when you feel dizzy and have to lie down. And sometimes it is just easier to accept that you are going to be sick the rest of your life, to follow politics when you are more alert and Yashahime when you are not – than it is to fight. Especially a fight that you have no allies at all. There is a benefit in knowing others who share your concern and who are as eager to fight to improve things – of not being alone in your fight.

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