In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about why taking action in support of Mi’kmaq fishers, and Indigenous struggles everywhere, is so critical. They also talk about seniority in the labour movement, and how eliminating seniority isn’t going to fix systemic racism in the workplace.

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One comment on “Episode 124 – white rage in Nova Scotia: terrorism or genocide?

  1. In todays CBC headline article it was stated that close to $18 billion was being implemented to prop up the oil industry in Canada and in my own personal opinion this must outrage the true enviormentalist that sees the hypocrisy in supporting the cause of the problem ….Climate change! Air pollution!
    Eventually CBC banned this opinion .

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    Edward H.C Graydon
    4 minutes ago
    AWAITING MODERATION When Canada who supported the Paris agreements and I am assuming that they still do? Invests billions to support a dying industry that is now basically understood around the world to contribute to global warming and climate change .How does Justine Trudeau reconcile this with his commitment to the planet? He cannot !

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