Episode 126 – is it ignorance or is it malice? It’s malice.

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about how the pandemic has not harmed people equally, and how discussions about the racialized impact are being erased from mainstream media’s coverage.

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One comment on “Episode 126 – is it ignorance or is it malice? It’s malice.

  1. This is the first episode I ever listened to, thanks to the Tyee. Very interesting, and did you ever nail the election down South! I am glad to see class discussed in the context of race, it is missing all too often. One comment about the higher incident of Covid 19 in certain communities: could different levels of vitamin D play a role? This would be as a contributing factor, adding to the social causes you talked about, not denying those. . Dr. John Campbell in the UK has been going on about the importance of vitmamin D since the beginning.

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