In this episode, Sandy and Nora look at the US election results: what they mean and, importantly, what they mean for leftist organizing and for Canadians. Lots of other updates in the episode too!

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3 comments on Episode 127 – Decoding the US election

  1. On Jan 24, 2021, at 10:09, Edward Graydon wrote:

    From the moment Justine Trudeau entered the political scene !

    I think Justine Trudeau was very clear! About his intentions with regards to oil, I find it hard to believe any Canadian believed other wise?Justine Trudeau was more than clear on his stance on the issue of all oil production in this country ! I Give credit to Justine Trudeau for following through on achieving his goals. I think he believes it! Joe Biden helped him for fill his dreams of the first baby steps needed to try and end oil production in Canada. I remember thinking it was unstoppable back in 2015, as it was obvious when the pope was on side, it was a global issue now and Trudeau was there man! I am OK with that ,as I happened to agree with the Pope and the Global elite back in 2015! When I read the levels of mercury being found in fish effected by the oils sands in the far North and artic, I could not support it?

    I was a converted globalist and in agreement with the cause of denouncing production in Canada ! I am not even opposed to the carbon tax, as the richer countries really should pay, as even the poorest Canadians ,if it trickled down have it much better!

    But in the news today he says he is disappointed that the XL pipeline was cancelled? I think he betrayed the true environmentalists that want to go all the way !

    He is playing both sides without conviction for one!

    January 23, 2021 at 11:27 AM

    Edward HC Graydon

    1. I think it is impossible for any Canadian to proclaim they believed Justine Trudeau was pro oil before he was elected!In fact I think if Trudeau wants to keep his voters who believe the underlying premise that the Canadian oil industry should be shut down in its entirety .He should capitulate to the Americans I think the planet would be at a turning point in reducing fossil fuel dependence if he did. I think if Trudeau suddenly came to the immediate understanding that doing so reduces the possibility of contamination of the Great Lakes beyond any possible repair ,should such a leak take place . I think the Americans are doing the right thing by the planet as a whole and Justine Trudeau needs to capitulate and realise the American frame of thinking at this time in history is ultimately better for the planet. The immediate financial consequences should the Americans get the outcome they desire are inconsequential and an acceptable outcome in reality . Shutting down pipeline 5 is a really good move for the environmentalist and those in power to achieve the goal of making the world oil free.

      I think Justine Trudeau could weather the storm if he where capitulate to the Americans.

    2. Sunday, January 12, 2014
      –Mercury wafting out of oilsands operations is impacting an area – or “bull’s-eye” — that extends for about 19,000 square kilometres in northeast Alberta, according to federal scientists. Levels of the potent neurotoxin found near the massive industrial operation have been found to be up to 16 times higher than “background” levels for the region, says Environment Canada researcher Jane Kirk, who recently reported the findings at an international toxicology conference.————–Kirk, who will publish the findings in a scientific study in 2014, told the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry conference in Nashville in November that about 19,000 square kilometres are “currently impacted by airborne Hg (mercury) emissions originating from oilsands developments.”———–But mercury and other so-called “crustal elements” in the lake sediments have been “going up more or less continually” in parallel with oilsands development, Muir says. These toxins may be related to emissions from the open pit mines and exposed coke piles.

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