In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about everything we still don’t know about the racist insurrection in Washington DC. They ask why are the details so sketchy, and why are journalists pretending it’s over? Also: nationalize telecoms and the internet now.

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2 comments on Episode 133 – an American coup in DC?

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    Edward H.C Graydon
    1 year ago
    Reply to @Peter Manchak: The whole idea is to try and hold the original poster of written hate crime accountable for there actions.this is what I am assuming the Goverment is aiming to achieve? I think they need to talk with the newspapers and blogs that allow commenting and ask for ID before posting .This might seem exstreme to some degree but what other choice does the goverment have. If they combined facial reconition with your name like the New York Times has in the past that is not a bad start. I suppose if anyone person hates another so badly that they resort to violence and bigotry online in such an open way to the point that the goverment feels it warrents attention by means of survelence then I am ok with this in fact I think it would be a positive . Facebook is not the issue, it is really a very small part of the problem in my opinion.The world is made up of so much more now and your actions that you {society} choose to take when feeling the angst that the news might cause are within yourself ,it takes self control . Every day i am told by some that they feel depressed or upset by watching the news. It effects all humans it cannot be helped regardless of race or religion. It is how one reacts that as the goverment worried.

    Google runs the world of social media they are king and ruler and taking this into account they provide a much bigger audience then Facebook ! People around the world need to first go through Google to find what it is they are after.From that point what and how they decide to participate in society is up to them.I am inclined to believe that should the world figure out some how to track down those who display serious mental health issues or terrorist ideoligies that cannot be a bad thing. « less

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      Edward H.C Graydon
      2 years ago
      One of the best ways that the government can crack down on this issue is by refusing to allow people access to the internet by using a moniker. If it is hate crime towards others that the government also would like to reduce then make users to the internet use their own names . Facebook allows Fake accounts that have no traceable origin Google allows the same only it is not quite so prevalent. If every Canadian was forced to accept responsibility for their written actions it might deter hate crimes ?

      I think using your real name has positives in many ways for how can one take credit for a written comment or idea if they hide behind a moniker or alias when posting. The bad that people write well they should also take responsibility. Facial recognition is the answer.I have always believed in facial recognition as a positive. « less

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