In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about CBC Winnipeg, rabble, Black writers being ignored for wanting to write about the far right, Passage’s media relations list and how white supremacy is maintained inside Canadian newsrooms.

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One comment on “Episode 134 – Canadian Media Whites Again

  1. It is interesting that the leaders of the black community in Hamilton Ontario are asking for some directors and or employees of the HWDSB to step down after accusations of racism ! The problem in my opinion is that it is here to stay for the remainder of life on the planet and will not be dissipating any time soon .As regardless of where in Canada it seems to exist according to those effected by so called racism but what does that mean exactly ? If it means dressing up in black face like our government leader Justine Trudeau then I think it is here to stay by way of example . It starts at the top and trickles down.Children learn by example and Trudeau set one. I know your pod cast is talking mostly of Winnipeg and black writers but your leader Justine Trudeau represents that part of the country. But at the same time I think the victim approach by those that represent the black community is not condusive to allowing integration and acceptance where it is being sought. I think talking race in such a prolific manner is not bettering society and personally, I think judging on ones personal character and positive attributes regardless of race is a better approach . There are some pretty boring and uninteresting people on both sides that seem to be consumed by skin colour. If you want to be a writer and you believe what it is you are saying write the book or piece you are trying to have people read but refuse to identify your ethnic background and let your thoughts speak for themselves.And if they like what it is you write then your input into society has been recognised and your stance on life recognised as having merit only let what you have to say stand alone from your ethnicity !

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