In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about COVID news: from new viral strains to new travel restrictions, why does Canada seem to be perpetually aiming to do the absolute least?

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One comment on “Episode 136 – Even more COVID

  1. On the 25th of January I twisted my back at a local food chain after I slipped on a Mango smoothy type drink while buying my Kicking Horse coffee,Three Sisters blend . It really threw my back out quite badly! I could not find a doctor who would see me and in the city of Hamilton their are no chiroprators or massage therapists that are open to realign my back and sprained lower back muscles…They are closed. But I thought ? I will go to the corner of Dundas and Spadina and get a massage in Downtown Toronto.

    Oh My God!

    What have the municipal and provincial governments done? Is it outlandish ,inappropriate or borish to state that Toronto is now a a fucking dump ! When I noticed that all of the massage parlours owned and worked in by the local Chinese community where closed I was really surprised ! I saw that the local food markets where open the liquor stores and weed shops around Spadina where open catering to the thousands of homeless. The city of Toronto has disinagrated to the point of no return in the downtown core making commercial real estate close to worthless ? The poverty on the streets of Toronto reminds me of a apocalyptic end of the world movie, it is really horrible ! Really very bad and no good will come from this !

    When I was about to leave and go back home the owner of the pharmacy on Dundas showed me one of the only stores open in the downtown that was given exemption under the act in Toronto . I was able to get two hours of massage, cupping and acupuncture that cost me $245. They are a little more expensive than the none licensed stores in that part of the city..But there is a serious fucking problem when the massage therapist who happened to be of Iranian decent who moved here to Canada in 2013 tells me her friend who has one child is unable to go to school and she feels depressed and saddened that her one child has no other children he can play with his own age ! And the massage therapist tells me that business is so slow just after getting her licence last January and that none of her friends have jobs ! I left and walked around the financial district than over to city hall.I am sympathetic to those people with young children in Toronto ! It must be very difficult for those downtown who where serviced with the shops that are now closed along with the schools .

    The governments of all levels are complacent in helping destroy the social fabric of this city when they allow weed shops and liquor stores to remain open while everything else is to remain closed! The city of Toronto is now a difficult and somewhat hard place to live.

    Everyone who bought condos in Downtown Toronto hoping that the street life and nightlife of Toronto was what made them attracted to the city in the first place must be suffering in so many ways as now its all closed .

    Toronto is a social disaster!

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