In this episode, Sandy and Nora explain why many on the left have been critical of the recent decision to place several new groups on Canada’s terrorist list, including the Proud Boys. The episode starts with a round-up of news we are watching this week.

Episode transcript

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2 comments on Episode 137 – Canada’s terrorist list is a mistake

  1. I suppose everyone has there own version of reality! That is all I can say in as far as Proud Boys being designated a terrorist group.I guess the governments of both the United States and Canada know something we as Canadians do not?

    Proud Boys designation is hard to narrow down ! Do they mean the Proud Boys who strut their stuff and are openly ‚Äúproud” in doing so? Or do they mean the other Proud Boys?

    Look ! The ideology that is trying to be portrayed or the narrative is that all white men are racist bastards! No good racist bastards! Or at least the ones that are members of proud Boys.But wait ! I was under the impression after a Google search of Proud Boys that they where proud mostly of their sexuality?

    In the videos that I have seen Proud Boys seem very multiculturally accepting in how they approach terrorist ideology.

  2. Darren says:

    For weeks, I’ve been arguing with folks in my circles about the push to add anyone to the terrorist list. “Be careful what you wish for” has been my admonishment. Most of my concerns were about the danger imposed on allies in my circles. What if a new national government is formed where those that felt injustice by being on the list became the list makers? What happens to First Nations actions? What happens to BLM activism? What happens to any organizing?
    I was ignorant about who was already on such a list. Thanks for the wider view -again! Your talk put the the whole concept right back into the mindset of capitalist colonialists. The left need to stop playing around with the paradigm that got us into the mess we’re in.

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