In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about medical racism, bill C-7 passed into law and … the Queen.

You can see the Disability Filibuster here.

Episode transcript available here.

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3 comments on Episode 142 – How many more will die?

  1. Lauren says:

    Hey Sandy & Nora. I love your podcast and listen to it every week. You guys have helped me develop a critical lens when reading the news media. Thank you! In episode 142, you mention a CTV interview with Erica Eifel, Evan Solomon, and David Onley. I have scoured google desperately searching for this interview and still have no luck. Where might I find this interview?
    Thanks again, Lauren.

  2. Based on what you are saying about bill C7 you both {Sandy and Nora} are correct that bill C7 seems sick and a way of fucking the disabled and reducing there population on Canadian society as it seems a form of reducing the disabled population by taking advantage of them during a time of desperation that most over come along with time.
    I agree with both of you that bill C7 is fucking sick and each point you make is relevant .
    I am not so sure that medical racism was in fact a good analogy but one of socially economic regardless of race and maybe regardless of race an issue that faces every race and not just blacks or the indigenous population of Canada .

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