In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about the bad and the bad from the NDP Convention 2021 and try to find some encouraging words in the face of the rising Third Wave.

Transcription here.

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3 comments on Episode 146 – NDP Convention and the Third Wave

  1. Up until Monday morning April 12 at 8:00 Am I was close to blind for close to six years I was unable to see the signal lights while driving, it was getting quite dangerous if not careless on my behalf . I was seriously contemplating giving up my drivers license for the sake of others well being.

    I was delayed back in 2020 for an appointment made in 2019 for cataract surgery then only to be cancelled on April 6. 2021 for a scheduled surgery that was supposed to happen on April 7. 2021 .I felt so much angst ,I was beside myself ,I could not refrain from very heated conversation between myself and those involved {Hamilton regional eye institute . St.Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and my surgeon} After leaving very descriptive language on the voice mail of those involved I learned that because I was going under general anaesthetic I would need a covid test and hence the cancellation of my original appointment due to the fact that I did not have a covid test done .

    So arrangements where made to have a covid test on Friday April 9. 2021 in order to have surgery on Monday April 12. 2021 . I went to have my covid test on Friday and I must admit I was not crazy about having a long thin object inserted into my nose reaching quite far into my nasal passage but in order to have cataract surgery or any surgery now they want you to be tested, so I got tested !

    But while I was there on the television in the lobby of the Hamilton regional eye Institute where the Covid testing centre also happens to be located, the Ontario Provincial Goverment under the leadership of Doug Ford announced they where cancelling all elective surgery’s starting Monday ….I will not write here on this site all the stings that where pulled {if I could call it that} but on Monday the April 12 2021 I had my surgery while under general anaesthetic and it went fantastically it is amazing how well I can see . The advancements in cataract eye care are really amazing.

    I was lucky I suppose ? Given the state of affairs in Ontario! If I did not get in this last Monday I might never have had the surgery done. Personally I think the healthcare system in Ontario is in a very precarious situation when so much effort is being directed to covid .

    People are going to start really finding it tough to get healthcare in the public sector . I think now with the current cancellations it will be extremely angst causing for so many people.

    1. To clarify the reason for not having a covid test! I was not asked to take one nor was the surgeon even actually aware that I needed one not because of any fault of his own but because of the circumstances surrounding getting both eyes done at the same time while also going under general anaesthetic.

      Based on my own experiences I think it is going to get really rough on those needing surgery in Ontario over the next few weeks.

      1. Shocked? Amazed? Taken back? Ecstatic? In awe?

        Because the outcome of my surgery was beyond fantastic I now know that for the last 5 to 6 years I had been living with a frustration that was causing an unconscious type of depression .The inability to make out peoples faces or find your children in the park is a immediate recognisable frustration that over time becomes quite a burden on your overall well being.


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