Episode 147 – Worst Case Ontario (and AB, BC…)

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about the chaos of the Third Wave, about how police will not fix anything and why these politicians would rather see people in ICU than stop the spread of COVID-19.

Episode transcript.

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One comment on “Episode 147 – Worst Case Ontario (and AB, BC…)

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    Edward H.C Graydon
    4 hours ago
    CONTENT DEACTIVATED Yesterday a house in Hamilton Ontario went up for sale in Westdale close to my Childrens school {639,000} I will tell you I offered $674,000 and a immediate closing if they so desired with no stipulations or conditions I also gave a deposit of $65.000 on the house and they asked for $35,000. Yesterday being Saturday the offers where being accepted and I lost out on the house I think as I was told offers for over $700,000 was offered but at that immediate time the offer that was given did not immediately have with it a good faith deposit. My point is that in order to purchase a house or qualify for a mortgage of $500,000 you need an income of close to $200,000 a year . I think that because during covid jobs and income are not consistent and precarious at best the youth of today will be indebted for years to come all while having little job opurtunities in the coming years .

    I think if you add up the issues of precarious employment that presents its self to almost all regions of Canada while taking into account the goverments announcement that it intends to raise rates soon I believe real estate or the debt that is being held by those with large mortgages are going to take a wicked hit.
    Cash is still King in many ways!

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