Episode 153 – Residential School reckoning

In this episode, Sandy and Nora examine how Residential Schools should be understood as a fundamental part of forming modern Canada, and discuss ways in which settlers can demand justice from their politicians.

Residential school survivors who need support can call the National Indian Residential School Crisis Line at 1-866-925-4419.

Episode transcript.

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6 comments on Episode 153 – Residential School reckoning

  1. Without prejudice

    Dear Sandy and Nora

    Over the last 48 hours I posted my personal exsperience regarding those possible effected by residential schools and my indirect experience. They no longer appear ! You have decided not to post what, as already been posted. What was stated was factual account of what has transpired in my personal life.

    I always post to the internet using my own name on subjects that I might hold some personal experience. Usually when a site takes down a comment it is because it might have indicated a form of bigotry or racism ,I do not believe my comments mentioned anyone person ,nor where they fictitious.

    I like what your site and Black lives Matter stand for ,but given I believe in free speech and believe my comments that where posted to the World Wide Web ,the greater internet so to speak was done so to be seen, and they where for a while.

    Make those comments visible in the next 24 hours or I will go out of my way to make life very hard for this site and black lives matter ….It is not worth your time to dispute this matter as the only possible outcome that would avoid your site associated with the meaning of censorship is to restore what I stated on residential schools.

    This is not a joke and considering I am very litigious and the comments I stated to your site where done with my name attached I will take responsibility publicly for what I stated on your site . But I will not accept them not being show and visible.

    You have 48 hours to make them visible or Black lives Matter and this site is going to go on a ride with me at the helm .

    Please avoid any possible negative public fights over censorship with me by making them public. I will fight badly and not buy the rules of what constitutes morally fair . I will slander you in public and destroy your reputation has being no better than the main stream media.

    I will not play fair !

    You have been served by way of this message !

    Edward HC Graydon

    1. Sandy and Nora says:

      Hi Edward, our comment section is so full of spam that it is very difficult for us to approve comments, but we try to always approve yours. But every day, we get hundreds of spam comments and we don’t have the energy to post them. Your best option is to save what you post and if you don’t see it in a few days, post it again.

      1. Because this is a public forum and your latest podcast on residential school awareness brings back past memories regarding my girlfriend who happened to be cree and the difficulties that presented themselves having both parents residential school survivors I decided to post my thoughts …This being said I can understand how my written post to your site might have seemed like spam but it was in fact my life reality on having been involved with a Canadian citizen that happened to be native.

        I don’t think life for those that survived residential schools and those who families had children after being abused at the schools have the ability to function in society the way that society would consider acceptable in many cases.

        Sorry to seem so socially petty ,but what I originally wrote was written on the day after not seeing this particular person after twenty years. And it was how I felt at the time . I remember very clearly the issues some native women have regarding the issue of being native in Canada let alone downtown Toronto.

        Maybe it was better that you did censor that comment although factually accurate.

      2. I have over the years posted to websites around the world using my real name and I do not use a moniker ! Who cares ? Maybe nobody ? But those who use perpetual rhetoric that our world is under attack, by way of limiting freedom of speech.The fact that you acknowledge that I write to your site and that you allow me to openly do so ,means someone is physically pushing a key on there computer and deleting what I originally posted to your site.

        It is interesting in a way ,but only maybe to myself ? That you have acknowledged that you post everything I write and yet your editor happen to let that slide “me” someone that writes into your site quite regularly happens to be mistaken for spam …So be it ! I don’t really care. What I care about is whether you can now produce them ? Can you bring back what was stated to the world via your site and again make them appear? Or are they gone forever ?

        The reason I ask this ,is because I used to write a lot into the Globe and Mail back in 2001 a great deal and I wrote on the Alberta oil sands and received a huge positive reaction …It is a fact of history that this occurred ! I was in fact the highest ranked with over a thousand commenters on that article. But it now no longer appears making the argument by many back in the early 2,000’s that everything that is posted to the internet lates forever. That was false ! It is interesting to the subject of free speech .

        It has similarities to the question ,if a tree falls in the forest? It does mess with historical history in written communication between me myself and the world wide internet of things .

        I don’t find myself outraged in any real way ,I feel relieve to some degree that you in fact edited that comment, but could you if you needed produce it.

      3. I have not seen my ex girlfriend in 20 years until yesterday ,yesterday being Saturday November 13. 2021 and since the day I last saw her I have listened to all the rhetoric by Trudeau on Native issues and I don’t think it is a one size fits all type of situation . Today I miss the person who’s mother threw me out of the house on the first day we met . Today I miss the person who caused such upheaval, leaving me confused by so many of her actions . I cannot begin to describe my relationship with her, I was thrown in the Don Jail ,manipulated constantly, told that she loved me while simultaneously threatening to scratch me eyes out while I slept. Asked to pay for sex even though we where friends … At that time I was in deep with this person. I was prey to her. And although she was brought up in an affluent part of Toronto and her parents where residential school survivors I never paid attention to what she was trying to tell me . I never understood back in 2000 what that was.
        And today I find myself in love with someone I never really knew .
        Personally I miss someone who happens to be native but I don’t think all natives are like her and because I lived it ,I am more sympathetic to the issue but I don’t think Trudeau holds the answer .
        If you love someone set them free and try and live in the moment when you are with them and try to remember what they had to offer you at that time.

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