Episode 160 – Can the Left do rhetoric better?

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about the need for left-wingers to identify, engage with and create rhetoric. Plus, Sandy has information about Ontario police destroying documents and we talk about the BCCLA.

Episode transcript here.

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One comment on “Episode 160 – Can the Left do rhetoric better?

  1. Vaudree Lavallee says:

    The Police Services Act is a legislation, the destroying documents thing is a regulation attached to the legislation. Ergo, there has to be something in the legislation which allows for subsequent regulations to be attached later on. That is the first thing to look for.

    This goes back to the old SPP meetings between the Three Amigos where the discussions centred on how to word a law in the form of a regulation rather than a legislation. Legislations get voted on by politicians, they are discussed in debates that are recorded in Hansard, and get some coverage by the media. Regulations don’t get any of that.

    Rick Bartolucci was the Minister of Community Safety and Correction from 2007 to August 2010 when Jim Bradley took over. The G20 was in June. Bradley seemed to be the guy who gets portfolios after some deep shit has gone down and is there to say he wasn’t there at the time. Would love to see the exchanges between Bartolucci and Bill Blair. Minister of Public Safety (what Bill Blair now is) sounds like the Federal version of what Bartolucci was. Blair has his own controversies concerning the RCMP. BTW – what is Bartolucci doing now?

    There are pressures in every party to push it more left or more right. I am NDP, but will concede that. If I want to be friendly, I look for common ground – with the NDP and Liberals, it is our common hatred of Tories. That allows one to turn the conversation to actual policies and, after a bit of dissing on Tory policies we both hate, bring up how many of those Liberals supported. As the saying goes, Liberal Tory same old story.

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