Episode 167 – Canada’s democratic deficit

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about how Canada’s democracy is in crisis and is it time for a new left political party? Plus we deconstruct the media establishment’s obsession with The Two Michaels.

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One comment on “Episode 167 – Canada’s democratic deficit

  1. Youri says:

    great election autopsy fantastic duo! just been listening to this, Red Life Podcast’s election reflections and autopsy as well as Socialist Action Canada, El Jones on the Breach, the Breach highlights which included Ms. Loreto’s take, and all brilliant and agreed with nearly everything expressed here especially the sometimes excessive devotion, at times ill fated devotion much of to the left in Canada has towards the NDP (i’m entirely opposed to the counterproductive/counterrevolutionary act of tactical voting though) , and not entirely an advocate of abandoning the NDP like other friends and comrades have but I like much of the sentiment expressed by Ms. Loreto. great talk, keep up the great work fantastic duo, and look forward to the next episode and curious what Ms.Hudson thought of El Jones’s reflection on the Canadian election, her thoughts on the ignoring of Black Canadian affairs was always enlightening, mind blowing (in a positive way) and she as always dropped a lot of truth bombs and mythbusting gas on that and other topics on the Breach.

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