Episode 184 – Emergency Acts?

In this episode, Sandy and Nora deconstruct the decision to invoke the Emergencies Act, and why this game of political chicken being played by the Liberals is dangerous and will backfire.

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3 comments on Episode 184 – Emergency Acts?

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    Edward H.C Graydon
    52 minutes ago
    CONTENT DEACTIVATED I believe those most likely to be permanently harmed by all the vaccine passports leading up until today are those that lacked the mental fortitude to resist who really did not want too who where told it would be better than not. To those who where manipulated by this government up until today with the bombastic , constantly repetitive rhetoric to get vaccinated not only one but three times only to learn that natural immunity is the best protection then only to listen to Bill Gates state that Omicron is a form of vaccination while conceding disappointment in how ineffective they actually really are must be suffering great angst and hostility that will more than likely effect their mental and physical health for years to come I am sympathetic to your outrage. It was not easy to resist the pressure and it now appears it was done out of ignorance with what appeared an iron fist mentality similar to those in a communist country .What Trudeau did and said leading up until today is shameful and I don’t believe people will forgive for his perceived glee in forcing it onto Canadians. « less

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    Eileen Kinley
    48 minutes ago
    Reply to @Edward H.C Graydon: You don’t seem to realize that Ford set vaccine mandates in Ontario.

    Also – vaccines do work. Vaccine mandates also worked to increase uptake.

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    Edward H.C Graydon
    46 minutes ago
    CONTENT DEACTIVATED Reply to @Eileen Kinley: While Trudeau tried to shove them in your arm at any cost ! And in fact they don’t work follow the science.

    1. I was banned for life today by CBC for posting the above ! CBC is now worse than the CCP and closer in idealism regarding free speech . Canada now resembles the publics understanding of what constitutes free speech repression . It is getting seriously repressive in Canada on this issue.

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      Today the Florida Surgeon General halted all Covid vaccines due to the fact that they believe the shots lead to cancer and or a leading cause towards development of cancer in people who have taken the vaccine .
      Wow! Now this will cause angst in those that succumb to the inability refuse the mental onslaught to be vaccinated at all costs . As the end result may be that you are inflicted by an onslaught of Cancer that effects your whole body. It now seems criminal in such a obvious way.

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