Nora and Sandy talk about the news that has bombarded them both this week: that it’s never the right time and it’s never the right place to talk about systemic injustice.

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12 comments on Episode 17, part one: the eye of the alt-right online hurricane

  1. Canadian-Ontarian says:

    In a one on one, face to face, situation, I don’t think that kind of heinousness that was being shown this week against you, would be present. The Briarpatch article ( ) lays out the timeline of events, and shows your intent, which I believe stems from your compassion and empathy for all of those harmed deliberately or accidentally who did not receive any needed amount of support, comparatively.

    The organization of hate, by the right-wing, is far more serious and disgusting. I hope you initiate legal action, or at least put in on the radar of police and prosecutions, so that the next time, to negate any future claims of any innocence.

  2. Jason McKenzie says:

    Hi Sandy and Nora,

    Ok, I’ve given you the opportunity to speak to this controversy. The same issue I have with your tweets I have with this podcast and I truly hope you will listen and ponder what I say.

    I think I am an egalitarian and I raise my kids with multi-cultural experiences and without judgement. As a Veteran I was at a time in the past not the most tolerant person towards other races and sexual orientations and I’ve worked hard to put that behind me and, for example, I talk about my children finding partners when they are older and not boyfriends and girlfriends because I don’t want them to feel any negative impact on the way they are.

    That only matters because you assume everyone that is upset by your comments is a white supremicist and that I am not.

    The issue I have is your explanation of what you claim to have said is far different from what you said. You need to realize that saying “I’m trying not to be cynical about a devastating tragedy but” meant you were cynical and then explaining why which was the whiteness and maleness.

    I get what you were trying to say and you explain what you were trying to say in the pod cast and ok I totally know what you are talking about and yes I agree. I see it in Sask all the time when an amber alert goes out for a white child and gets shared virally and then an amber alert goes out for a First Nations child and it barely makes the rounds – it’s hard and sad to watch. However, you did not come across like that. The tweet was arrogant and blunt during a very emotional time in our Nation.

    I understand you can’t back down now because of all the asshole, racist males that have threatened and whatever else to you but I wish you would have apologized for the cynacism.

    My first listen to your podcast and it’s decent. I wish you well. I will let this go and not bombard you with tweets any further.

    I truly hope you go on to do great things and that you’re legacy isn’t a controversial tweet from 2018.


    Jason McKenzie

  3. Krystal Brooks says:

    I recommend this podcast for anyone needing clarification and all those who support and try to raise awareness on these inequality issues

  4. Bill Smith says:

    I recommend driving a screwdriver deep into the ear of your choice. Hurts less than listening to this SJW gong show.

    1. xenia says:

      ya ok bill

  5. Elaine Niddery says:

    Enjoyed your conversation! Learned much and absolutely Fuck Macleans. 😘

  6. Joe says:

    I would also rather a screw driver than to listen to sjw propaganda.

  7. Tamara says:

    Ladies I absolutely get what you’re saying..but given the original comments on Twitter by Nora…I felt it was too soon. Canada as a whole donated something like 20 mill to the relief efforts in Haiti. In the Humboldt tragedy two are native. You can’t say its whiteness or privilege…it was HOCKEY. CANADA IS HOCKEY. This is who we are. We came together for a large tragedy. Its not about race. I personally lost someone I knew at the age of 18 in a crash in northern Saskatchewan while driving to practice for the same league as Humboldt the SJHL. Its nor about the race or ethnicity or age. We all feel for this as Canadians. As humans…

  8. Gab says:

    Great podcast thanks!
    I find it all very schizophrenic: how free speech is defended then shit down – how sjw are called snowflakes and then shut down for being offensive.

  9. Emily Shelton says:

    I’m looking forward to Part II.

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