Episode 170 – Abolish the military? Abolish the military.

In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about why Canada needs to abolish the military and redirect resources into stronger public services. Plus they also talk about Iqaluit’s water crisis.

Episode Transcript.

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One comment on “Episode 170 – Abolish the military? Abolish the military.

  1. Slumberjack says:

    A friend recommended this particular podcast, wanting to know what I thought. I feel people are ill served by what presents itself as journalism in terms of reporting and analysis around what the Canadian military is doing around the world. The fact that there are so few voices in the context of Canadian media propaganda talking about the military does around the world does not mean those voices are just ‘telling it like it is.’ Here’s an example of the war drum banging from the so called ‘defence and security’ experts. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/ukraine-canada-nato-russia-1.6256718

    I feel the article leaves little doubt as to what Murray Brewster would prefer to see happen with Ukraine’s bid to join NATO. This sort of ‘analysis’ is pretty much standard fare across the CBC international news portfolio, just as it is with the stock market traded news.

    As for disbanding the military, an institution I spent 28 years in (eight at NDHQ in Ottawa) , I would prefer to live in a world without standing militaries training to confront other standing militaries.

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