After many requests from friends, Sandy and Nora have finally decided to talk about pipelines.

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4 comments on Episode 20: Profits, pipelines and progressive confusion

  1. Darryl White says:

    apipeline running beside a community is 400 times safer than a railroad carring oil cars through a community.D

  2. Maple says:

    Thanks, it’s very informative

  3. Dwayne Berry says:

    Why is it that blood oil coming from the middle east is OK and paying premium price for it and where is Greenpeace about all the oil tankers on the east coast no one saying anything. but on the BC coast its not good you can’t really think this is all about the environment because if it is start blocking thoses tankers from coming to our other coastal waters but it’s OK to dump raw human $hit by the millions of litres on each coast with out any word and let’s hear Greenpeace talk about the emissions the new concrete plant in Quebec OKed with out the same regulatory rules as the OILSANDS

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