In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about the feminist movement, and how distorted our lens on Kavanaugh is due the absence of an effective feminist presence in social movement organizing. They also touch on Quebec politics and CBC’s decision to not air a debate because John Tory wont agree to debate Jen Keesmaat one on one. Note from Nora: much to my embarrassment, I misstate Tori Stafford’s name in this episode, and I couldn’t edit it out. The overall intervention was important enough to leave with the error, which I regret.
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One comment on “Episode 34 – Kavanaugh (and wtf CBC?)

  1. The issue with CBC is prevalent in politics regardless of city or province in politics. In fact being on the other side of false news originating from CBC I agree with both of you. Both of you are fantastic on this subject regarding CBC.

    You both are setting very good media coverage of many different subjects .Excellent pod cast.
    When you both talk about sexual abusers you might want to talk about anti violence in what some consider pornography . In my own opinion what is being projected and allowed to be seen by our Canadian government constitutes violence against women . When women are abused in the production of Porn it eventually shows itself in general society. Sexual abusers might be trying to emulate what they see on line for the sake of sexual gratification . Personally the violence against women seen on Canadian internet in my opinion is a derogatory attribute in Canadian society.

    Keep up the good work on your Pod cast.

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