Episode 45 – Doug Ford reduces tuition fees, smashes OSAP, screws student

Just in time for Sandy and Nora’s first show of 2019, Doug Ford wages war on higher education. Sandy and Nora break down this announcement and offer arguments for how to push back against a Liberal frame that is just as much to blame. This is part one of two — tuition fees and grants. In part two, they breakdown voluntary student unionism and how to mount an effective fightback.
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One comment on “Episode 45 – Doug Ford reduces tuition fees, smashes OSAP, screws student

  1. Jennifer B says:

    Before this semester, my tuition was entirely covered by a grant, on the condition that I finished my program within the two tears it would take. After paying this semesters tuition as a grant (This went directly to the school) the government changed the law and recalculated the amount of money I should now be allowed and reverted a portion of my already paid tuition from grant to loan (in retrospect!) and gave me a debt to pay when I had not had one immediately after they actually made the payment. However I am dirt poor so I won’t have to pay interest. Neither government was threatening to make me pay interest on that new debt I did not actually have, but could have had under a more expensive program, before this. No one setted the pins up.

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