With the Liberals melting down and the Conservatives more brazen in their support for racist organizing, the NDP is at a critical juncture. There is a path toward victory — will the NDP take it?

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2 comments on Episode 52 – the NDP at a crossroads

  1. Nicolas Stulberg says:

    Great episode. I’m of the opinion that we (the left) need to:

    – Instigate a political alliance (maybe even merger) among parties like the Greens and NDP. It’s within those two parties that most progressive voters reside and cast their ballots.

    – As you alluded to with the discussion on Riding Associations, take it one step further. Maybe form something like an umbrella community-type association that involves/integrates these political parties. Intersectionality can include political involvement among the various social connections that bind us.

    And now that Trudeau’s Sunny Waysᵀᴹ balloon has deflated and lost its hot air a unified party on the left could offer up a tangible alternative for those that ‘lost their (sunny) way’.


  2. hgf says:

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