This has been a difficult week, especially if you have been watching the rise of organized white supremacists for years. In this episode, Sandy and Nora dissect how the media and politicians have failed so badly at grasping this threat, and conclude with things that are giving them hope.

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2 comments on Episode 54 – global terrorism’s white face

  1. Trapdinawrpool says:

    This goes back to the birth of the reform movemen, their ties to white supremacy were there to see from the start. The media ignored this and have continued to do so. In fact during the Harper admin I was taken to task by a prominent parliament hill reporter for engaging in conspiracy theories for mentioning Harper’s ties to the Northern Foundation.
    I cannot help but wonder if we would be where we are today if the media had taken this issue seriously back then.

    BTW Great convo as always Thanks

  2. Emily Shelton says:

    This was such a good episode, every white person in Canada needs to hear this right now. Thanks for this, and thanks especially for getting this to air so soon after the Christchurch tragedy.

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