Despite their best efforts, the Liberals are still stuck in the SNC-Lavalin scandal. And they’ve trotted out some old timers to help push their narrative into the mainstream press. Sandy and Nora talk about the strategy of hiding behind women to burn other women, hiding behind racialized women to burn other racialized women, and why the Liberal Party they want you to know is very different than the Liberal Party they really are.

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2 comments on Episode 55 — Liberals tokenize to make SNC affair go away

  1. The quasi Marxist Nora never has apologized for her tasteless comments during that unfortunate tragedy that happened to those hockey players. Instead, this pedantic supercilious bore used it as an exercise to lecture everybody about racism and injustice that had nothing to do with that tragedy and were poorly timed and exposed this hypocrite for the cold insensitive person she is. Who in their right mind would donate to a self-absorbed, agenda driven charlatan? Take your pedantic Marxist drivel and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    Sadly, you don’t debate online because it would be lovely to see you exposed

  2. Vaudree Lavallee says:

    Trudeau arguing that he is more of a feminist than Scheer is like Trump arguing that he is more of a feminist than Pense – technically true, but it doesn’t make either of them a feminist. Secondly, Scheer never claimed to be a feminist, Scheer never tried to benefit from branding himself a feminist. Michelle Rempel is a corporate feminist – or, at least as much a one as HRC and Sheryl Sandberg – I’ve shared her feminist stuff, but she is very nasty as far as refugees go. You forgot one point about her videos – that she gets them up in a timely manner – same day for QP and usually within 12 to 36 hour for House debates.

    Charlie Angus does make things interesting, simple to understand, and gets his stuff up in a timely fashion, though he is not the main one on this file and has asked questions on other topics during this – that is one reason people follow him. Bill’s son Daniel Blaikie often puts up videos as if he is making them for Instagram, he does make some good ones and some dry ones – but it usually takes his speeches a bit of time to get on line making it more likely that you stop looking for them. On the other hand, Tracey Ramsey says some good things in the house, but only rarely puts a video on line.

    Elizabeth May only gets one question and no followup so she basically does what Nigel Farage does, make a 35 second speech using Parliament as a backdrop.

    CA’s youtube titles – first one QP, other two SNC debates
    Charlie Angus on Trudeau Shutting Down SNC Investigation
    Charlie Angus on the Power of the One Per Cent
    Pulling back the Veil of Corruption Charlie Angus

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