The biggest story from the 2019 budget barely made the news — the Liberals are tightening border security and making it much more difficult for people to seek asylum, including making it illegal to claim asylum from the United States. Sandy and Nora examine these new anti-refugee policies (including Doug Ford’s cuts to legal aid) and ask progressives to do what they can to make noise to oppose these new policy measures.


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3 comments on Episode 61 – Are the Liberals bowing to white nationalists?

  1. Kev says:

    Another great episode
    I highlighted this on Twitter awhile ago and was immediately called a liar.
    ‘Justin loves refugees and Canada is the most welcoming nation on earth’
    Once I produced the evidence it became ‘ well they have to do something, there are too many getting in’
    Partisanship and normalisation, a dangerous combo

  2. jack reynolds says:

    If Nora Loreto of UNIFOR thinks she can be favourably compared to Faith Goldy, then she’d be well advised to reconsider that idea.
    • Faith is a very decent human being and Nora is not.
    • Faith is fair and Loreta is not.
    • Faith is principled and Loreta is not.
    • Faith is authentic and Nora is an opportunist.

    Nora Loreta is just a footnote in an obscure story that will soon be forgotten.

  3. jack reynolds says:

    Radical religious beliefs and very low IQs, aa dangerous combo

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