Episode 62 is a live show! Recorded live in Ottawa on May 8, Sandy and Nora talk about organizing across difference and the lessons that we can still learn from the Winnipeg General Strike.

Episode 63 will be the audience Q&A and will come out next week.

Thanks to the Mayworks festival for organizing this event and to everyone who came out!

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One comment on “Episode 62 – It’s time for radical worker action

  1. nuno says:

    FYI: Coming soon to a city near you above the 49th,lest we wake up, mobilize, organize, and shut it down.

    Corporate-Funded Groups Continue Campaign to Cripple Public Sector Unions

    Right-wing groups sue union in Illinois to collect millions in retroactive “fair share” fees.
    by Don Wiener | May 28, 2019

    The same corporate-funded groups that bankrolled a successful ten-year campaign to cripple public employee unions by having the U.S. Supreme Court strike down “fair share” fees for nonmembers in Janus v. AFSCME last year are now suing to retroactively recover fees paid before the Court’s ruling.

    This is the latest move in the right-wing’s quest to “defund and defang” public sector unions with a goal of delivering a “mortal blow” to progressive politics, and mirrors similar “clawback” suits filed across the country over the past year.


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