Episode 63 – the fall of the liberal order and … financial literacy again?!

This episode is from the Q&A in Ottawa. The topics covered include: the fall of the post-war, liberal order, student organizing against Doug Ford, financial literacy and why white women dominate not-for-profits.

To hear the first part of this live event, please click here: https://sandyandnora.com/episode-62-its-time-for-radical-worker-action/

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One comment on “Episode 63 – the fall of the liberal order and … financial literacy again?!

  1. Vaudree Lavallee says:

    I am pretty sure that Rogers and Shaw etc will come up at the Grand Committee

    Thanks to Facebook, Your Cellphone Company Is Watching You More Closely Than Ever
    Data Giants Need to be Regulated Like Public Utilities
    International Grand Committee on Big Data, Privacy and Democracy

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