Sandy and Nora track the rise in talking about antifascists as being terrorists. From Maxime Bernier’s PP party to Donald Trump, we ask: where is the mainstream left defending antifascist resistance?

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7 comments on Episode 71 – fascists vs. antifascists

  1. jack reynolds says:

    Speaking as the person who was hit on the back of the head by a piece of brick thrown by an ANTIFA member, at the June 22nd PEDIGA protest in Toronto, your analysis of the situation seems just a tiny bit left-of-centre.

  2. jack reynolds says:

    Sandy – Nora: I’d encourage you to keep this up, as you paint a very clear picture of what ANTIFA and Globalists in general are all about.

  3. jack reynolds says:

    The latest LEGER POLL sez that 63% of Canadians now want Canada’s immigration levels REDUCED. Do you really believe that this many Canadians are NAZIs and Facsists, or is it possible that everyone who disagrees with you deserves those labels? You really are immature fools.

  4. jack reynolds says:

    If you actually do believe that members of the PPC are afraid of you, please check out a few of my Tweets … @Shith Ead OToole. Take care and have a nice summer.

  5. jack reynolds says:

    Anti-Immigration Movements in North America have a 300-year history and their characteristics are very stable. Each lasts about 15 years and we are now 4 years into the current one. It will only peak in 4-5 years from now just prior to the next federal election. The PPC is building and stopping an Anti-Immigration Movement is much like standing in front of a speeding train.

    BTW – Some of the 3 Percenters also wear masks and camo and their military-like discipline is quite obvious. You keep on wearing those Red and Pink masks as long as you like, OK?

  6. jack reynolds says:

    One final comment … You omitted Free Propaganda from Canadian leftist organizations, 24 hours per day, paid for by EVERYONE’s tax dollars, not just the 31% that’s Liberal.

  7. Wayne says:

    Sorry to burst your bubbles ladies but WOW are you guys out to lunch on your assessments. You are obviously doing nothing about finding out the truth but are rather main lining the fake news. Try some real reporting, and some real facts. Go stand in front of them… ( or anywhere near them) and you will see how f_cking out of touch you really are!

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