In this episode, Sandy and Nora talk about how progressives should orient themselves towards the federal election. Hint: drop the partisanship, get involved in a local campaign if the candidate is worth your time and don’t imagine that voting is the sum total of democratic involvement.

** RE: Nora’s comment about the per vote subsidy clarification: Harper axed it. Trudeau never brought it back.

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One comment on “Episode 72 – try not to despair with an election in the air

  1. AJ says:

    It was Bill Davis’ PC government who introduced Canada’s first guaranteed income supplement for seniors in the province of Ontario. The federal government eventually adopted GIS as a national program and it has become one of Canada’s most effective policies for reducing poverty. Not all conservatives are assholes. I’m a PCer provincially and I have trouble supporting either the Grits or the Tories federally. That said, I feel I can’t even consider voting for the NDP when I see Nikki Ashton advocating for soft communism, the shitshow surrounding Erin Weir’s firing, and wide support for budgets that create unending deficits. Public debt is not a golden goose. Enriching bankers through interest payments is a crappy strategy, as is ‘printing money’ to pay public debt.

    Also, lets not pretend that the white-collared cottage industry of union administration is inherently helpful to average Canadians. Immigrants from foreign countries can’t practice their professions here in-part because unions fight to invalidate their credentials, violent gangs traffic drugs through every major port in-part due to union push-back, many unions have a history of violent xenophobia/racism, and mandatory UNIFOR union dues being used to pay for political ads is sketchy at best. Unions have done a lot of good but it’s time we ditch the balkanization of workers and get to a living minimum wage and decent labor laws for ALL Canadians.

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