It feels like so long ago: Justin Trudeau in Blackface hit the election cycle like an atomic bomb. What did journalists miss? How bad was the coverage? And what does this affair tell us about who Canada really is?

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3 comments on Episode 75 – #BlackFaceTrudeau and Canadian white supremacy

  1. Emily Shelton says:

    Yes! I love what Sandy said, “An apology is not accountability.”

    Apologies don’t mean that Trudeau should be absolved from further criticism, or that the issues don’t require further analysis. I think the media is licking their chops and waiting for Jagmeet to either say he accepts the apology (what they want) or not accept (also what they want, but we all know that if this is what happens then it’s Jagmeet who will face criticism).

  2. “Justin Trudeau has carefully crafted an image of what Canadians aspire to: hope, openness to the world and youth,” said Jean-Marc Leger, chief executive of Leger, a leading polling company in Montreal. “The blackface episode shatters that perfect image and casts questions on his authenticity.”

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