It feels like so long ago: Justin Trudeau in Blackface hit the election cycle like an atomic bomb. What did journalists miss? How bad was the coverage? And what does this affair tell us about who Canada really is?

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9 comments on Episode 75 – #BlackFaceTrudeau and Canadian white supremacy

  1. Emily Shelton says:

    Yes! I love what Sandy said, “An apology is not accountability.”

    Apologies don’t mean that Trudeau should be absolved from further criticism, or that the issues don’t require further analysis. I think the media is licking their chops and waiting for Jagmeet to either say he accepts the apology (what they want) or not accept (also what they want, but we all know that if this is what happens then it’s Jagmeet who will face criticism).

  2. “Justin Trudeau has carefully crafted an image of what Canadians aspire to: hope, openness to the world and youth,” said Jean-Marc Leger, chief executive of Leger, a leading polling company in Montreal. “The blackface episode shatters that perfect image and casts questions on his authenticity.”

    1. Edward HC Graydon says:

      Casts questions on his authenticity ? It destroyed it! The whole ordeal ,or the act at the time when considering his age when he went Black Face is indicative of his deceitful personality . It really is an issue that should not be given a pass by reputable media.

      Sorry for my language ,but the act was fucking pathetic made worse because it was not the only time.

      1. Edward says:

        When I heard that Derek Sloan was stepping down on the request of the PC leader because of a donation made by Paul Fromm I could not believe the hypocrisy ! It is so rampent in society as the donation was made anonymously and not in first person ! When I see the Islamic terrorist that had done time in prison accompany the Trudeau’s at a fund raiser and the extremists that have supported the liberal party I call this politics and maybe not Derek Sloans personally held believes? In taking the money from Paul Fromm. When Derek Sloan questioned our health minister and suggested that she was working directly with the Chinese under the pretence of the WHO it was not such a far fetched conclusion to have taken as the dots seemed to connect? Let’s say that it comes to fruition that the virus was in fact a planned attack of sorts on society with the goal of the CCP government to try and impose lockdowns as a baby step in the direction of world dominance? When he questioned Tams loyalty to the country it was not all that outlandish as it had possibilities . It is politics and because Paul Fromm is given so much air time by the CBC it seems like in the states they want all parties to capitulate to the idea that every conservative is a racist and o’tool capitulated and fired him

  3. From day one after being elected ….No! From the very beginning of his campaign to run against our past prim-minister Stephen Harper .Justine Trudeau was adamantly clear that he was anti oil that was OK if he had stuck to his convictions, but when he was told by Biden that on his first day in office he planned on canceling the XL Pipeline Trudeau Stated! “He was disappointed” I think those words struck terror and or disbalieve in those that held srong believes that fossil fuels where in fact leading to the cause and support of global warming . He went from belittling those that
    wanted to keep working if there jobs were connected to the oil industry and he is the sole reason Alberta is in a bit of a financial mess but after pushing for a greener planet with the understanding by doing so they needed to somehow raise taxes or drive down Canadian societies over use of fossil fuel but he now states disappointed?

    I personally thought it was quite revealing he stated he was disappointed as I believe it was quite the opposite to what he really believed . I would be wary of that statement by Trudeau if I was a true believer in Global warming!

    1. I think it is impossible for any Canadian to proclaim they believed Justine Trudeau was pro oil before he was elected!In fact I think if Trudeau wants to keep his voters who believe the underlying premise that the Canadian oil industry should be shut down in its entirety .He should capitulate to the Americans I think the planet would be at a turning point in reducing fossil fuel dependence if he did. I think if Trudeau suddenly came to the immediate understanding that doing so reduces the possibility of contamination of the Great Lakes beyond any possible repair ,should such a leak take place . I think the Americans are doing the right thing by the planet as a whole and Justine Trudeau needs to capitulate and realise the American frame of thinking at this time in history is ultimately better for the planet. The immediate financial consequences should the Americans get the outcome they desire are inconsequential and an acceptable outcome in reality . Shutting down pipeline 5 is a really good move for the environmentalist and those in power to achieve the goal of making the world oil free.

      I think Justine Trudeau could weather the storm if he where capitulate to the Americans.

  4. Edward says:

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    Edward H.C Graydon
    10 minutes ago
    CONTENT DEACTIVATED Reply to @Neil Bryan: That is a key issue man kind faces at this time in history! You are correct that it will “kill us all eventually’ hence Justine Trudeau must take the position of supporting the Americans and capitulate to supporting the Michigan governor. How will Trudeau reconcile his image of being a supporter of a greener planet if he does not immediately support the states in their current ideology .

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