Episode 76 – climate change and gun violence in #elxn43

In this episode, Nora and Sandy look at how climate change and gun violence are being used (or ignored) by the parties to seek support.

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One comment on “Episode 76 – climate change and gun violence in #elxn43

  1. Arleigh Crawford says:

    Great episode! The segment on gun control was right on. When Bill Blair announced the Libs platform on gun control someone, I think it was Matt Galloway, mused something to the effect of “will this be enough to get them votes in the communities (of colour) affected by gun violence?” And I screamed at my radio “this policy is not aimed at communities of colour! This is aimed at white people who can be made to vote by raising the specter of a black man with a gun. This is a racist policy!” (I was probably less articulate at the time.) I think it is safe to say that all “tough on crime” election platforms are racist dog whistles.

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