In this episode, Sandy and Nora debate whether or not partisan politics are anti-democratic. Sandy says no, Nora says yes. Will they reach a conclusion?

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One comment on “Episode 90 – are partisan politics anti-democratic?

  1. Emily Shelton says:

    Hey folks you make some good points about the problem with the NDP. I too am disappointed with Jagmeet Singh’s handling of Wet’suwet’en. However, as a card carrying member and former NDP staffer it does get kind of tired to hear you constantly critiquing the NDP while rarely making your support known (if you do support the party). I suspect you do. My feeling is that you must, on some level, think that the NDP is the best chance for a progressive govt in Canada which is why you are invested in what they are/are not doing to get there. For your listeners like myself who have done some work in the trenches to build up the party and have fought for the electoral success of the party, it gets to be a bit grating to hear such a steady stream of criticism. I do agree with you that the party is not beyond rapproach and I too would like to see things done differently, but where we differ is that I will also say loud and proud that I am an NDP voter and long time supporter. I do the work to help the Party be successful and I put my money where my mouth is. You folks seem to be straddling two positions – you look to the NDP to deliver the answers and the political salvation the country needs, and might even personally vote for the NDP/NDP candidates federally, but you have determined that the NDP is not good enough and so it just becomes a sort of podcast punching bag.

    Still, I’m a friend of the pod and am happy to see/hear that things are going well. Hope you make it to Edmonton.

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