In this episode, Sandy and Nora grapple with the calm before the storm and try to explain why different generations of people are reacting differently to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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One comment on “Episode 92 – COVID-19 and the crisis of neoliberalism

  1. Owen Ford says:

    To your discussion @ the discrepancy between French and German mortality rates I had also noticed this and wondered about it, since I’d always understood the French had a great system. I can volunteer the anecdotal after living twenty years in Dresden – having spent a month in a German emergency ward – their system is excellent. Absolutely excellent. I thought the French was too but perhaps, Macron. I also just saw a partner through a year of pretty rough cancer treatment in Ontario and there I found excellent staff, harried by overwork and too many ‘efficiencies’, indeed a major surgery was critically compromised by same and ended up costing twice as much.
    Love your show, many thanks.

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