Gentrification is one of the most pressing problems that currently faces the left — and yet, the left often struggles to identify, explain and effectively fight the forced displacement of poor, racialized and minority communities. Sandy and Nora explore gentrification in Toronto’s Regent Park, Weston and Eglinton West neighbourhoods to identify and argue for how activists should engage and struggle for change.

Photo c/o OCAP:

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2 comments on Episode 15: fighting gentrification

  1. Don Fisher says:

    Nora, you suck!

  2. Marie Lloyd says:

    “Fighting” gentrification. Just where do you expect to go with “fighting…fighting…fighting…” ? This is the key word I associate with the militarized right. And why wouldn’t I? Think about language… just a little. Such a brutish, stupid pivotal word. I underwent civil disobedience arrest, but never once fought anyone.

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